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ISBB Shifts to EBooks, Seniors 2014 Pioneer Batch

In a stunning technologically-forward move last March 2013, ISBB directress Elizabeth “Elsie” Enverga approved the use of e-books for the senior students of the International School for Better Beginnings for the school year 2013-2014.
Reports say that this plan was being considered since 2011, but it was only this school year that the plan was implemented. The school partnered with Vibal Publishing to provide tablets and e-books for the 2014 batch of seniors. The tablets in question are of the model Samsung Galaxy 8.9, and the application used to access the e-books is an application called VibeReader, developed especially by Vibal Publishing for schools who have made the shift from paper to pixels.
The teachers of the high school department attended specialized seminars on how to use the e-books to the highest advantage. The e-books are divided into modules, which contain supplementary videos, links to helpful websites, and in the case of some modules containing literature, audio recordings of the piece in question to facilitate better understanding. 
Students and teachers alike applauded the move, which has eliminated the need for bulky books and heavy bags. With tablets, it is easier for teachers to show supplemental material in class, and easier for students to keep track of their homework and notes. It is now not uncommon to see teachers using their tablets for visual aid, or students taking pictures of the next day’s required homework and sending them to other classmates via Bluetooth. 

For now, only the seniors are using tablets to study their lessons, but the school administration is optimistic that they will be able to spread the physical-to-digital switch to the lower levels of the high school department. The elementary school teachers have also undergone specialized training in the hopes that the elementary levels may also be able to make the shift. 

With this bold move, the International School for Better Beginnings became the pioneer of e-book usage in Lucena City, and in all of Quezon Province. 

ISBB Gives a Hand to Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Yolanda also known as Typhoon Haiyan was a catastrophic storm that devastated parts of the Philippines, such as Tacloban. This super-typhoon hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, with destructive winds of 250 kilometers per hour (160 mph). The result was definitely horrifying to the Filipinos. It was then declared by President Benigno Aquino as a national calamity.
At first, relief was coming in slow. And the victims of the super typhoon needed their basic necessities, which were destroyed and became the debris of what was left of their homes. Eventually, television advertisements were being made to inform people all around the globe of the said devastation. With that, people did their own way to help.
As a community of Filipinos, our school did its part as well. We donated relief goods, such as– canned goods, noodles, grains of rice and clothes. A fundraiser was also held by the elementary and high school student council. The student body donated the amount of money they wanted to, right from the heart. It was called, “Barya Para sa mga Biktima ni Yolanda.” The accumulated amount from the said fundraiser was,	P42, 339.10, and was deposited to ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kamilya account.
With our own small acts, all of us can help, in our own little way. If we all work together, we can look forward to a better tomorrow. The victims of Typhoon Haiyan may look back to the enormous storm as a memory. We should be positive and good-hearted. For those willing to help, we can all donate to several known organizations that are accepting donations such as, Operation Blessing Philippines, Citizen’s Disaster Response Center, Liceo Ripple of Hope and many more. Do what you can, right from your heart. Because the story doesn’t end after the storm has left. The story goes on, and lives within each and every one of us. A small act of kindness is bigger than you think it is. 

(Marian Gail Garcia)

UPCAT results released; seniors make Alma Mater proud

On August 3-4, over 80,000 seniors from all over the Philippines took the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). This group of seniors included Ambassadors from our very own International School for Better Beginnings.
On December 23, 2013, the UP administration released the results, which showed that out of the 80,000, only around fifteen percent from the entire Philippines met the university’s rigorous standards.
The seniors of batch 2014 made ISBB history as the first batch to achieve a record-breaking seven UPCAT passers.
These seven were Jaxynne Aleix Ann Alcala, Rey Shemaiah Prangskand Abadilla, Heather Denile Ramos, John Rossi Rafael Llaga, Mariann Palacia, Julia Danielle Maaño, and Kate Anne Adlaon.
The batch that previously held the most number of UPCAT passers was batch 2011, with six passers. 

(Julia Danielle Maano)

Ambassadors Reclaimed

Hard work, dedication and determination finally paid-off as ISBB Ambassadors emerged triumphant in the recently concluded Milo Best Twin Tournament Championship held  last October 15, 2013 at the Inigos Sports Complex.
The explosive championship battle, between the ISBB Ambassadors and SHC Cordians gave each basketball enthusiast an exciting and heart-pounding game
From the presentation of the members of each competing teams up to the final basket, parents, teachers, students and supporters of each of the teams cheered all the way.
Gabriel Odnimer, Ryan Algire, Troy Umayao, Isaiah Jacob Adamos and Ashe Rea competed in the 1st quarter. Each of them gave their best to make a 11 point lead finishing the 1st quarter at 17-6.
The 2nd quarter proved to be more thrilling Fourth Alcala, Yuan Pasumbal, Pancho Capistrano, Jacob Saavedra and Simoun Puchero exerted their basketball prowess keeping it up with  great progress.
As the 2nd half started, the ISBB team was even more eager and determined to take home the title, Tyrese Puchero, Vince Monterola, Ram Villanueva, Vinz  Babista and Art Miguel Pontioso defended the team as every ball possession became critical.
With the combination of strong offence and remarkable defense strategies, the Ambassadors blocked all attempts of the Cordians to steal the lead in the game during the 4th quarter. The Ambassadors was able to reclaim the championship trophy with a final score of 57-48.
After showing his excellent basketball skills and swift moves in the court, Gabriel Odnimer was awarded as Most Valuable Player of the season.
The team will continue to hone their skills as they prepare for the regional finals of the Milo Best which will be held in Pampanga this coming November 2013.
- Mela Perez

A Glimpse at Our World

In ISBB, the students have an event that they will never forget. This is an event were all parents and guardians are invited. They have some presentations and some intermission numbers. They introduce the school and show how lucky the students are to have ISBB as their school.
Many parents are wondering and asking what is the best school here at Lucena and in this program many are expressing their testimonies that ISBB is the best when it comes to quality education not just in Lucena but in the entire province.
When the Open House is already near, the students are cleaning their rooms. They make their artworks great and wonderful. They make their cubbyholes clean and neat. The students also do their best to be the student of the month because it will be posted at their room.
Games, surprises and parenting tips are shared to all. The teachers are also preparing for the event. Everyone made sure that the teacher’s performance will be the best among the departments. The Graham Bell, Edison, Einstein and Socrates department. Teachers are introduced one by one with the subjects and advisories they are handling. This is another side of the teachers where they become performers.

With the PTA (Parent – Teachers Association) Officers a parenting seminar is always conducted. Many are teaching personal experiences as a parent and they share all the learning’s they had, it was indeed a very informative day for students, teachers and parents.
Inside the classrooms, the advisers were having an activity. One of the activities is the hand of the students will be posted on their board and then the parents will guess their child’s hand print.
It was an afternoon filled with fun, learning and experience. Many are looking forward to another Open House at ISBB.
- Mae Gilera 

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