Welcome to School Year 2014-2015!

Welcome to the School Year 2014-2015

To the ISBB Family,

I am thrilled to welcome you all back to school for the 2014-2015
academic year. The faculty has been busy preparing teaching materials,
underoing training and workshops, and arranging their classrooms over
the summer. Our support staff has also been busy repairing and
upgrading the school facilities in preparation for our activities this

There are many school wide events to look forward to, and I would
like to encourage all parents to be present for them. Coming up soon
are the Open House, the Filipiniana Week and United Nations
Celebration. Events such as these showcase the talents and skills of
our students, and as such, they are opportunities for parents to see
what their children have been up to in school.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome returning
parents and new parents. With each school year, there are always new
faces to be seen on campus, and these are opportunities to make new
friends and to increase our bonds as a school community.

I hope to see you all around the campus as well.

Warm regards,

Teacher Elsie

ISBB Promenade 2014

On February 2014, the Junior and Senior students of the high school celebrated their promenade at the ballroom of the Queen Margarette Hotel. It was an elegant affair, with all of the attendees dressing according to the theme of the Oscar Awards. The night began with inspirational speeches, made by members of the administration. This was followed by exhibitions of the students' dance abilities. The night ended with the official turnover ceremonies where the Seniors passed on their legacies and responsibilities to the Juniors.

It was truly a memorable night of great food and good company.

ISBB Celebrates the Festival of the Arts 2014


In February 2014, ISBB celebrated its Festival of the Arts. The event was part of the school's Foundation Week festivities, and it showcased the artistic talents of students in the school. As part of ISBB's goal to develop students who are well-rounded, students exhibited their various artistic talents. There were several musical performances, with students singing and playing instruments. Others also showed off their dancing abilities. Selected students also performed adaptations of songs from the musical "Annie". All of the performers were given enthusiastic applause by the audience who were also able to view visual art that was produced by students from various levels.


It was truly a successful event, in which ISBB students showed their talents and inclinations for artistic endeavours.

ISBB Shifts to EBooks, Seniors 2014 Pioneer Batch

In a stunning technologically-forward move last March 2013, ISBB directress Elizabeth “Elsie” Enverga approved the use of e-books for the senior students of the International School for Better Beginnings for the school year 2013-2014.
Reports say that this plan was being considered since 2011, but it was only this school year that the plan was implemented. The school partnered with Vibal Publishing to provide tablets and e-books for the 2014 batch of seniors. The tablets in question are of the model Samsung Galaxy 8.9, and the application used to access the e-books is an application called VibeReader, developed especially by Vibal Publishing for schools who have made the shift from paper to pixels.
The teachers of the high school department attended specialized seminars on how to use the e-books to the highest advantage. The e-books are divided into modules, which contain supplementary videos, links to helpful websites, and in the case of some modules containing literature, audio recordings of the piece in question to facilitate better understanding. 
Students and teachers alike applauded the move, which has eliminated the need for bulky books and heavy bags. With tablets, it is easier for teachers to show supplemental material in class, and easier for students to keep track of their homework and notes. It is now not uncommon to see teachers using their tablets for visual aid, or students taking pictures of the next day’s required homework and sending them to other classmates via Bluetooth. 

For now, only the seniors are using tablets to study their lessons, but the school administration is optimistic that they will be able to spread the physical-to-digital switch to the lower levels of the high school department. The elementary school teachers have also undergone specialized training in the hopes that the elementary levels may also be able to make the shift. 

With this bold move, the International School for Better Beginnings became the pioneer of e-book usage in Lucena City, and in all of Quezon Province. 

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