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Third Quarter Examinations - Tue Dec 15 @08:00AM
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Classroom Christmas Parties (8:00-11:00am) - Fri Dec 18 @08:00AM
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About Us


A Brief History

The International School for Better Beginnings opened its doors to the young learners of Lucena City in June, 1997 through the initiative of Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes Enverga.  The school began with a single building, which was located in a relatively uninhabited part of Lucena City. The original building, which is presently known as the Graham Bell Building, housed four air-conditioned classrooms, a wellness room, a library, a clinic, washrooms and the Directress’ Office. Four preschool teachers were initially hired by the school to teach the 36 preschool students.

After its first school year, the number of students nearly tripled the next school year and a new building was erected to accommodate the growing population and the new Elementary School Department, which steadily developed over time. On its fifth year ISBB had a complete Elementary School, with the High School following soon after.

At present, ISBB stands as one of the premier educational institutions in Lucena City, with alumni who have gone on to study in the Philippines’ best universities. It labours to create well-rounded students, and bring about a positive change, not just to its immediate vicinity, but to the world at large.

The Curriculum

ISBB offers a curricular program in preschool, elementary, high school, and senior high school based on innovative trends in educational research and practice.  Among its features are:

  • The four pronged approach, a literature- based curriculum,
  • Classroom interaction that develops critical thinking skills,
  • Early development of expressive language, early exposure to Art, Music and Movement,
  • Introduction of manipulative materials to hone motor skills,
  • Updated strategies in Math to develop children’s analytical skills.
  • Regular parenting seminars that ensure an effective partnership between the home and the school.

For the High School, we have greater integration of subjects. This develops critical thinking skills, greater emphasis on oral and written communication skills and a curriculum focused on immersion in community-related activities.

The Consultants and Teachers

In its desire to give the best education which the children deserve, the school works with consultants from the College of Education of the University of the Philippines, Diliman to update and upgrade the teachers’ competence in teaching the preschool, Communication Arts, Science and Math. Recruitment of teachers and continuous review of the curricular programs is likewise done with these consultants.

Teachers of the school are the top graduates of the different universities and colleges in Quezon, and are constantly updating what they know. A number of the Faculty, as well as members of the Administration, possess advanced degrees. Teacher-development is done through in-house trainings and by sending teachers to attend various in-service trainings conducted by the Department of Education as well as other professional organizations and academic institutions.

The Physical Plant

Beyond the academic infrastructure that we have in place, we also strive to give the best learning environment to our students.  From a one-building school, we now have five buildings, with 42 classrooms to house more than 900 students.  We likewise have a big gymnasium, a cafeteria, a well-stocked library, science laboratory, home economics and practical arts building, band room, speech laboratory, computer laboratories, guidance office, audio visual, media centre, band room, volleyball court and a multi-purpose hall.


Senior High School

ISBB is developing its capabilities to provide students with a pioneering Senior High School education. In order to achieve this, administrators and consultants have benchmarked with K-12 institutions in Singapore and the United States. Consequently, ISBB has created an innovative curriculum that incorporates best practices from around the world, which will prepare its graduates for the next stages in their lives. New faculty members will also be recruited to teach the new specialized courses. The school will be offering the four academic strands prescribed by the Philippine Department of Education: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), and the General Academic Strand (GAS). A new Senior High School building is being constructed to house the students in Grades 11 and 12. It contains new facilities, including classrooms, science laboratories, and computer laboratories.


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